Beusker: Look Into My Eyes (Beusker Lars)(Pevná vazba)

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- The first monograph by Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 Lars Beusker - Touching black-and-white portraits of wild animals, photographed at close range - Lars Beusker seeks eye contact with the animals and achieves a direct closeness Look into my Eyes is a coffee-table book to dream about, marvel at, and sink into. The right read for animal lovers and lovers of aesthetic fine art photography. As one of the most important nature photographers of our time, Lars Beusker quite rightly received the title "Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 (first place)". He photographs wild animals in their natural environment at close range and almost always manages to make eye contact. Like a human portrait, Lars uses short focal lengths for which he approaches his models up to two meters. He consciously seeks the animal's attention and sensitively captures this intense moment with the camera. The