Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes: A Decade of Head-Turning Heels (Webster Sophia)(Pevná vazba)

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Artist. Entrepreneur. Mom. Bosslady. Leading British shoe designer Sophia Webster is known for her sense of fun, playful and feminine touches - but less well known is the story behind the shoes, and how Sophia juggled a fledgling business with a young family, turning her love of drawing into a renowned brand. Charting her early days as a young creative, through her fashion inspirations (from the Spice Girls to Grayson Perry) and on to how her designs are brought to life, Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Shoes shines a spotlight on Sophia's boundless imagination and enthusiasm for her craft. Sophia reflects on how her early life experiences set her up to face the challenges of establishing a fashion brand and the benefits of quick thinking and infinite determination when navigating the daily trials of business ownership. Her story is told through 365 sketches of her favourite designs, each