The Bobby Girls' War (Bell Johanna)(Paperback)

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Book Four in the gorgeous Bobby Girls series is available to pre-order now! Get caught up with the first three books while you wait: THE BOBBY GIRLS THE BOBBY GIRLS' SECRETS CHRISTMAS WITH THE BOBBY GIRLS THE BOBBY GIRLS' WAR 1916. Poppy is being transferred to an enormous new munitions complex in Gretna, on the Scottish border. Even though it means moving far away from her best friends Maggie and Annie, she is excited for the challenge. As a member of the Women's Police Service, it's her job to maintain law and order so that the factory workers can safely carry out their vital war work. She soon makes friends, and even starts to open herself up to the possibility of love. But then she sees something in the dead of night, and suddenly the dangers of the war are no longer far away on distant shores. With the enemy hot on her heels and no idea who to