The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon: A Holistic Approach to Lunar-Inspired Wellness (Gailing Stephanie)(Paperback)

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Learn how to chart and utilize the phases of the Moon and its mystic energy to seek out the life you truly want with Moon Mapping, or read up on your astrological Moon sign and find out more about your instinctive, emotional nature. The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon has everything you need to map and chart the phases of the Moon and determine exactly what each phase means in relation to your short- and long-term goals. Following the phases of the Moon, this book teaches you how to set and manifest intentions--whether in your personal or professional life. Additionally, the second half of the book dives into the depths of your astrological Moon. By learning more about the sign and house in which it is placed, you can further understand your emotional nature and how you instinctively orient to the world around you. Connecting with your Moon