The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness: Homeopathy for Existential Stress (Kantor Jerry M.)(Paperback)

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How to change the subconscious patterns underlying chronic conditions - Explains how to use prominent emotional and physical symptoms to determine the core existential stress underlying one's chronic condition - Introduces five, seminal existential questions correlating with both the five miasms of homeopathy and the Five Phases of Chinese Medicine - Presents homeopathic remedies connected to specific existential quandaries and explains their indications through detailed examples from the author's practice In addition to working well for purely physical ailments, homeopathy offers remedies for engaging directly with the subconscious mind and ameliorating embedded, existential causes of chronic illness--called "miasms" in classical homeopathy. Presenting diagnostic insight, specific homeopathic remedies, and successful case study examples about the profound